"Our body is our temple, keep it clean for life to flow through."


Maybe you are here because you’re like me, a searcher?
Searching for love, peace, happiness or something else?

I was searching in all the wrong places for 15 years, diving into various addictions, never finding the rest and ease I was so desperately desiring... 

Feelings and thoughts were overwheming.

Eventually.. finally... I met myself within the new contexts of Tantra and Shamanism.

Then began my journey of truly feeling what I would have never dared to feel before.

I found how to tune into my hiSTORIES through ceremonial body work, rather than mainstream medical care. 

My Body, Mind, and Soul have now learnt to share what is alive within... giving me the right information I need in any given moment.

This practice of attunement has many benefits...

It makes me more aware of my needs and how to meet them directly

It makes me a more sensitive and caring lover

It makes me much more available to the treasures that life has to offer!

It makes me very authentic and present

... as well as strong, healthy, and beautiful! ;;) 

As this path unfolds I am led to offer more Sweat Lodges, Breath Work, Tantra, Kambo and Amanita ceremonies. Assisting the collective to reach a higher state of clarity within as well as with eachother. 

Through cleansing, sharing, dying to our old selves, and filling up with love, we unify and connect to nature's wild intelligence.

Co-creating as free beings -the realities and stories that make life magical!

Facilitating this true magic is my gift to this world, this is my gift to you.

Love, respect, and power to all beings,


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